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Crisis Note Guide

Post by Greyson » Mon May 15, 2017 9:20 pm

How to write a crisis note in 4 pages or less
By: German Rojas, House Makrembolites, Joseph Stalin, The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, King Petyr Baelish, and Greyson DeArmond
Small notes:
These are the notes that will set you up to deliver large actions or plans through large crisis notes. The content is more limited that the larger notes. In a small note you might ask for information or ask to purchase a household chef. It is though these notes that you set up a basis for a future empire, or set up the funding a personal for further actions such as an assassination or invasion. Through these notes you move and utilize small resources that don’t require much information. (Ex. I would like to hire an addition onto my personal guard of 10 men. Or I would like to purchase a new house in Atlantic city to be my new base of operations there, make sure it is large enough to house my operations or I wish to utilize house finance (10 gold coins) to purchase farmland and wineries to prepare for an incoming famine) all of those could be notes on the first day, they could contain more detail but on day one setting up a basis for future more detailed operations is the key. If I were to start my restaurant chain the note would be far more detailed such short notes are ONLY for simple tasks.

Large Notes:
Contents of an effective note: the more inventive/imaginative you are with the crisis note the more likely it is to success, but always keep it in the realm of possibility. An effective assassination needs every one of these points answered in the note and the basis for the answers set up in previous small notes.

Who: always make sure that you clearly state who is involved. For important notes you should have the names or stations of your most loyal subjects/employees/friends capable of carrying out the task on hand so they can be quickly added to the note. you should have them prepared for the mission with supplies and training with small crisis notes before the final plan is put into action.

What: this is part of you methods and is a collection of all of the resources you have gathered and are going to utilize in the note. If you have assassins you have been using all the time and are very experienced they would be a very useful resource. If you have a best friend that is very tight lipid. And if you have some sort of agent, weapon, tool, poison, wife, friend, ect. That you wish to use on the mission make sure you procure them, train them, and/or ensure their loyalty before the final crisis note through small previous notes.

When: whenever a large crisis note goes through specificity always helps. If I were to say, trying to carry out an assassination, I would instruct my loyal previously trained assassins to kill at night (ex. Instruct my assassins to move at night, ensure they ware dark clothing and black out there faces so as to be harder to spot) . But if I wanted to make a statement I would have them attack in broad daylight (ex. have the agent I have on __________’s body guard let one of my assassins get close to him while he is in the crowded market, once my agent is close he will stab __________ with the poison dagger I have procured for him and disappear into the crowd).

Where: again specificity is the key, find someplace that assassination would be easier to make the crisis note more likely to pass, if I was Little Finger I would try to assassinate a person in my Brothel so they would be off guard. You could also use location to your advantage in other ways, if you don’t want a killing to be linked back to you it could be made to look like an accident by killing him on a construction site in a creative way or the classic method would be to try and kill him at another person’s house in order to shift blame.

Why: if you and the person you are killing are rivals, or something similar, then this should already be apparent but if there is no clear reasoning behind it then having your intentions in the end of the note. if you want something specific form a large crisis note state that at the end of the plan. (ex. After the merchant is dead, since I am his only rival, I would to seize his businesses using ____________ resources or agents as an addition to the plan if necessary)

How: this should be the bulk of the crisis note and explains the specifics on how the plan will be carried out. If you are assassinating this would contain the assassins movements and actions (ex. I want my assassin to move at night and enter the villa through the second story window on the east side of the building using the stilts I have procured for him. He will pass through the hall he ends up in which has my inside man on the guard patrolling it. My agent will allow the assassin by and receive a monetary bonus for his assistance. One at the end of the hall and at ________’s bedroom door have the assassin us his experience and tools I have gathered for him to silently pick the lock. Once in the room he will use the dagger with the fast acting poison to stab ___________’s favorite pet cat and leave a note on the door saying next time its you from not me.) remember specificity is the key!

How funded: this is also a supplies section but is important enough to be on its own. If you don’t have the money for something in the note but you submit it anyways it will either not be approved or go terribly wrong, same goes for any supplies other than money. So make sure you have the infrastructure or wealth to allow for the plan to go into action and to sustain it if it is long term.

Basis for an effective note: many of your crisis notes, especially during the first session, should focus on gathering supplies for yourself or your office of governance. These are the supplies you will use later to expand you power base. (Ex. As finance minister of Paraguay I set up the Office of Ethical Finance that would be used to hunt down those laundering money for the drug cartel, they also laundered money and were an excellent starting point for the spy agency I later expanded them to.) if you are a merchant look for new trade routes or expand you trade companies, if you are a mobster look for more cronies or ways to smuggle goods, if you are a government employee look for personal or business connections to gain political influence or skim a little of the top of the government funds. The sooner you do this stuff the better because it allows more time for your resources to expand and it allows the crisis staff to see that you were effectively preparing for crisis before they even happened.
You should also procure supplies and personnel early on if possible (ex. For the office of ethical finance I used long time staffers that had been negatively affected by the carted so they would be less likely to join them and betray me.). The sooner you procure your personal the longer they can train and the longer you can put them to use. An assassin that you have used for a dozen small time missions will be more effective at carrying out a final assassination than someone you picked up off the street or hire the day before. As far as resources go you don’t have to have them just the resources necessary to get them (Ex. As the house Makrembolites of the byzantine navy I set up a chain of restaurants with shady back rooms throughout the empire so that goods could be smuggled between the restaurants and so I could always have a place to eat. This chain started out as only one inventive restaurant and turned into a profitable business I used to fund all my schemes.). The restaurant was an inventive and imaginative and yet very possible way of financing my operations and smuggling goods when necessary, these are the types of things you need to be prepared to set up once the committee starts. The mobster equivalent would be a bootlegging operation, the financial sector guy could start a pyramid scheme or if they didn’t want to go to jail they could try for the acquisition of small promising businesses, and the loner who starts out with no resources could try to get a day job assisting mob bosses or business guys.

Personal Suggestions:
1) Always stay in character when writing your crisis notes, it shows the crisis that you have researched your role and it allows them to know you’re having fun and allows them to have fun responding to you.
3) Always set up a person at the beginning of the committee, it is the first thing I always do, that will be your contact for everything. I had a wife Theodora in my Byzantine committee I contacted in the form of love notes, I have an office manager in my Paraguay committee named Lezlie I would send to contact people for me. This is an important thing to do because it goes back to point one and allows you to contact a lot of different people without having to remember many of the names of offices or individuals. (Ex. To my most beloved Theodora, though we have only been apart a week it feels like a lifetime. I miss especially your cooking, please send along to me the most talented personal chef you can find so that my time away from you may be slightly less torturous. –Your loving Husband Maurus) this allows me to increase my person security by having a personal chef, have an unwavering agent in my wife, and shows I am in character. Later on I could use the personal connections of my wife to contact senators by sending my wife to contact theirs. If I wanted Lezlie to contact another office quietly I would send him to a staffer party to covertly send a message to the staffers of the person I wanted to contact. This may seem theatrical but it is fun and always gets you in the good graces of the crisis staff. These actions are what make the difference when it comes to placing at award time
4) Use a distinctive color of paper, neon purple or yellow or something, this allows the crisis to always know who sent it without having to look at the name. if you have written good notes in the past it will make them read and answer your notes faster since they now can identify them and enjoy reading them. And it allows them to return the notes to you faster in the room since they can be easily picked out of a stack of notes.
6) Don’t let your resources set idle
7) Always set up a personal guard as one of your first acts, and a personal food taster
8) When trying to expand you power don’t try to make grabs for someone else’s position instead try to get the restraints on your power removed. in the byzantine committee I worked to receive an unlimited import export imperial license so I was the only committee person able to go between countries freely, in the Paraguay committee I got all spying restrictions on the office of ethical finance removed so I could freely tap peoples phones and generally spy on them.
9) Don’t over reach but set your goals high, If you are a low level mobster don’t make you immediate goal to kill every king pin in town or to rule over a mobster empire in the U.S. make you first goal something smaller like monopolizing on the bootlegging activities and then work your way up.
10) If you are going to try and take someone’s power attempt to take the power of someone less involved in committee first
12) If there is free time thinking of a funny or inventive name for an important directive or note is always funny
13) A good delegate always passes multiple committee directives as well as crisis notes so make sure you don’t hyper focus only on the crisis
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