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Guide to OCL

Post by John » Fri Jun 02, 2017 4:25 pm

Welcome to the Online Crisis League!

For those that are new to Model United Nations, or just new to online roleplaying, this guide will layout how the game works and what you can do. Please feel free to ask questions by commenting below this post, or by messaging John directly.


1, News: Here you can see the where News and Crisis Updates are posted. In the HoloNet News, all crisis updates and news about the in game world will be posted here. News will be broken down into months and by year for ease of access.

In "Other Publications", individual delegates can send in press releases. A press release is a statement by your character or organization stating something or another. You can post this as a regular crisis note and labeling it as a press release. A moderator will then post your press release to the rest of the Republic.

2, Council Chambers: Here are the Council Chambers. Generally speaking, debate amongst all the characters/delegates will take place here. It is broken down into 3 areas: General Debate, Debate on Directives, and Voting.

General Debate is where general topics such as crisis updates and the like will be debated by the various council members. You can post in there on any topic you want, or on a topic that is already there. You can start your own topics whenever.

Debate on Directives is where...debate on directives takes place of course! Directives are quasi-legislative acts carried out by the Council that sets out specific action to be taken. If the Council wants to invade a location, they write a directive saying how they will coordinate their forces to do so. If the Council wants to make a statement to the Republic, they write a directive with the text of the statement. To propose a directive, simply make a new topic, and write your opening post with the text of the directive. From there, delegates are free to debate any specific directive as they like. Delegates may introduce Press Releases made by the Council or actions taken by the Council. Debate on Directives will last for 4 days, unless a motion to Close Debate is made before then.

Finally, Voting. Voting on Directives will take the form of Poll created by the Moderator Team that will run for 72 hours (3 days) or until all active characters have cast their vote. There will be 3 options for voting: "For", meaning you are in favor of the directive; "Against", meaning you are not in favor of the directive; "Abstain", meaning you wish to not cast a vote either in favor or against. During the time the poll remains open, you may change your vote at any time, but once the poll closes you may not change your vote. Delegates may motion for a Closure of Debate, thereby ending all voting early. The Moderator will take each motion into account and rule accordingly.

3, The Senate: The Galactic Senate is where Senators voice their thoughts and opinions to the Galactic Senate. Senators are free to post whenever, introducing bills for consideration by the Senate, or by participating in any active debate. Corporate Leaders may also post, but all Corporations are merely Observers to the Senate. An ally of yours will post if you request it of them in a crisis note.

Finally, we have Player Offices.


You will only be able to see your own Player Office, but this is an example of how all of them look. Your name, as well as the corporation you are from or the world you represent. There are three sections: Portfolio and Information, Crisis Notes, and Crisis Notes Archive. The main one is Crisis Notes, which I will dedicate to a completely separate section.

Portfolio and Information: This is where your personal portfolio is posted. This has a more detailed view of your character, with listings of all assets, as well as everything you need to know about the world/worlds you possess or represent. Consider this a mini-background guide for each user.

Crisis Notes: Here is where you will have the bulk of your personal character by carrying out all of your personal actions. See below for our guide.

Crisis Notes Archive: All old crisis notes will be moved by the moderator to the Archive for safe keeping and future reference.

Crisis notes are by far the most important thing you will do as a delegate here, so PLEASE check out our guide

John Seese
Director, OCL
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